The staff are the people who are admins, who keep our server standing.  They ban the griefers, they keep an eye on all of the players.

They need to be respected, people should know who these heroes are.  Here is a list of all the people who make our server what it is.


epickillerpigz – Owner

epickillerpigz is the owner of all 3 of our servers

he set them all up from scratch with custom maps

he is why our servers are up.


legosam32712 – Co owner

legosam32712 is the co owner of the golden apple main server

and also headguard of our alcatraz server.  He is the reason why

our map is so great.  He build part of it.  he may abuse his powers

but he is one of the people who keeps our server standing.


Jlo101 – HeadAdmin

Jlo101 (Jessi) is the headadmin of the golden apple main

and also deputey warden of the alcatraz server.  She

keeps an eye on everybody and helps people with anything.

She makes it easier for the other admins by having them

do less work.


YOURDONESON101 – Moderator

YOURDONESON101 is a moderator on our apocalypse server

He was there the whole time and will keep it standing

He will make sure everything stays standing and will

help out the new players


plasmo321 (~diamonds) – Admin

He keeps an eye on things and will clean up grief

He builds shops spread out through the server for any items you may need

He is a new admin and is still learning his way but has helped out our

server alot.


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